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The JCC Fee Assistance application and verification process is administered by PSAS (Private School Aid Service) to ensure all financial aid applications will be handled with total objectivity, professionalism and consistency.

All completed JCC Fee Assistance Applications must include a $24 non-refundable processing fee and be mailed to:

Private School Aid Service
P.O. Box 89434
Cleveland, Ohio 44101-6434

Fee Assistance award determinations will only be made on applications mailed to PSAS.

What is Fee Assistance?

Fee Assistance helps offset a portion of JCC program fees and is made possible through JCC Chicago funding and the generosity of donors.

How much Fee Assistance can I expect?

Fee Assistance is awarded on a first received, first completed basis. Fee Assistance is variable and based on need and funding availability.

Who is eligible for Fee Assistance?

Fee Assistance consideration is available for those qualifying based on financial need. All JCC Chicago customers are eligible to apply for Fee Assistance.

What JCC Programs are eligible for Fee Assistance?

  • Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Care
  • Early Childhood Half Day Preschool
  • Early Childhood Full Day Preschool
  • Early Childhood Kindergarten
  • Early Childhood Kindergarten Club
  • Early Childhood Summer Fun
  • J at School
  • JCC Resident Camping
  • JCC Apachi Day Camps
  • JCC Neighborhood Camps
  • Maccabi
  • Bernard Horwich JCC J-Fit Pass

Do I need to be registered for a JCC Program in order to apply for Fee Assistance?

Yes. Program registration is required in order to be considered for Fee Assistance. A Fee Assistance request will not be considered until registration for the program has been completed.

When should Fee Assistance applications be submitted?

As funding is limited and based on availability, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Fee Assistance is awarded on a first come first serve basis. The Fee Assistance application review dates can be found on the JCC Chicago website at www.gojcc.org under the Registration & Payments tab on the homepage. It is to the applicant’s advantage to submit their application by these dates. All Fee Assistance applications are due within 14 days of program registration.

Do I need to submit a Fee Assistance application for every program I am requesting Fee Assistance for?

No. Only one Fee Assistance application should be submitted per family per JCC Chicago fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and should be submitted each year. All submitted Fee Assistance applications expire on June 30th of every year.

What happens after a Fee Assistance Application has been reviewed?

Upon an award decision, the applicant will be notified whether or not an award has been granted or denied by the JCC Business Manager responsible for the program for which Fee Assistance has been requested. Applicants have 10 business days to accept or reject the Fee Assistance award and corresponding payment plan. Any Fee Assistance award not accepted within 10 business days will expire and be treated as if it has been rejected.

How long does it take for a Fee Assistance Application to be reviewed?

Please allow a minimum of 45 days for your Fee Assistance application to be reviewed and a fee assistance award to be granted or rejected.

Who should I speak to if I have a question about my Fee Assistance Application?

All questions relating to the Fee Assistance application including help with completing the application or help with any documents required to be submitted with the application, receipt of the application or status of your application should be directed to the PSAS Help Desk by calling 1.440.892.4272.

Who should I speak to if I have a question about fee assistance after my award or denial letter has been received?

Any questions regarding your award, denial or payment plan should be directed to the Business Manager of the program you are registering for.

Can I turn in my Fee Assistance application to my local JCC Chicago site?

No. All completed JCC Fee Assistance Applications must be mailed to:

Private School Aid Service
P.O. Box 458025
Westlake, Ohio 44145-8025

Fee Assistance award determinations will only be made on applications mailed to PSAS.