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Impact Stories

Each and every day, JCC Chicago programs inspire people in our community. Don’t take our word for it, let our program participants tell you more!

Early Childhood

On the mission statement of the JCC it says “to strengthen the Jewish identity and imbue the Jewish spirit into Chicago families.”

Sounds good but last week I actually experienced what that statement actually means. I was walking the halls after morning drop off on a rainy morning and in front of me Michelle had her two year old class in the buggy singing “its raining its pouring” after the first verse I hear a little voice say “No we want to sing Dayenu because it is almost Passover.” I stopped and told Michelle she must be doing something right.

It is these moments that I stop and appreciate how special JCC is. You have created an exceptional program that not only fulfills the mission of the JCC but does it in a way that each child can appreciate and understand it at his unique stage of development.

-Early Childhood Parent

Theater Programs

The theater program at JCC has brought so much joy to my son’s life (and mine) over his entire childhood. Not only has he learned theater skills, but he has gained wisdom and life skills that he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. He learned to be part of a team, to follow direction, to collaborate, to be courageous. He became social with kids who were a lot like him, kids who accept and adore each other without judgement or criticism. For a kid who wasn’t “at home” on a sports field or at school-based extracurriculars, the JCC provided him a place to be himself.

-Theater Parent

Young Adult Programs

“Sidney N. Shure Kehilla has provided me (and many others) with a well-organized but flexible means of preserving and strengthening the important place that Judaism has in my life, during a time when it almost got lost.”

-Sidney N. Shure Kehilla Participant

JCC Camp Chi

“The program made me believe I could change people’s opinions about Israel and if I go, I think I will learn even more.”

-Modern Israel History Program Participant

2nd Fridays

“We typically don’t celebrate at home. 2nd Fridays gives us a chance to relax, celebrate and recognize Shabbat.”

-Building Jewish Connections Program Participant

Apachi Day Camp

“This being our daughter’s third summer at “the big Apachi”, I knew she was going to have a fabulous summer! But with each summer, I wonder how it could get any better…but it did! The Camp Director out-did herself from her staff to the activities, from swimming to field trips, and even from the simple things like music and parent interaction. Our daughter was given so much love and in return loved her group of friends and the counselors. The counselors and staff that she interacted with were so caring and took such a personal interest in her well-being. Our daughter keeps asking me how she is going to get to be a pioneer but at the same time go to sleep-away camp because she just loves being a camper and doesn’t want to miss out on anything! Are you sure we can’t extend Apachi for another week???”

-Day Camp Program Participant



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JCC’s partnership with The Gan Project, a community garden initiative, reinforces the importance of Tikkun Olam.

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